Our Staff

Staff Members
Sno. Name Designation Date of Birth Date of Oppointment Trained /
Probation /
Adhoc /
Part time
1 Mr. Jayveer Sharma Principal 01-Apr-19  
2 Miss. Nanita Monga   Vice Principal 27-Mar-1970 11-Jul-11 YES Confirmed  
3 Mr. Rajender Sharma TGT 01-Jul.-1966 1-Apr-06 YES Confirmed  
4 Mr. Rakesh Swami PGT 22-Oct-1977 1-Apr-08 YES Confirmed  
5 Mrs. Neetu Parashar PGT 2-Feb-1975 3-Apr-06 YES Confirmed  
6 Mr.Mohit Sharma PGT (Computer Tr.) 22-Aug-1986 2-Apr-12 YES Confirmed  
7 Mrs. Ruchika Sethi PGT 15-Jul-1983 1-Apr-09 YES Confirmed  
8 Mrs.Urmila Siag PGT 3-Jul-1978 1-Apr-13 YES Confirmed  
9 Mrs. Pooja Middha PRT 6-Nov-1986 1-July-12 YES Confirmed  
10 Mr. Navdeep Sharma PGT 3-Apr-1981 1-Apr-08 YES Confirmed  
11 Mr.Arvind Verma PGT
1-April-15 YES Probation  
12 Mr. Pradeep Saini PGT-PTI YES Probation  
13 Miss Saloni Goyal NTT 21-Jan-1991 9-Jul-12 YES Confirmed  
14 Mrs. Kanchan TGT 22-Dec-1977 1-April-15 YES Probation  
15 Mr. Gulshan Arora Music Teacher 19-Jan-1974 1-Apr-06 YES Confirmed  
16 Miss Megha Gupta Computer Tr. 13-Sept-1990 1-Apr-15 YES Probation  
17 Mr. Jaswinder Singh TGT 20-Feb-1972 01-Sep.-09 YES Confirmed  
18 Megha Saini Nursery Teacher & Librarian 15-July-1980 1-Apr-16 YES Probation  
19 Mrs. Sheetal PRT 5-Dec-1979 1-Apr-10 YES Confirmed  
20 Mrs. Shalini Vadhanani PRT 4-Dec-1981 3-Apr-10 YES Confirmed  
21 Mrs. Meenu Sharma PRT 13-Sep.-1983 01-Jan.-10 YES Confirmed  
22 Mrs. Meenu Miglani PRT 19-Nov-1966 01–April-16 YES Probation  
23 Mrs. Tanu Pareek PRT 01–April-19 YES Probation  
24 Mr. Vijay Khatri Clerk 27-Mar.-1971 01 - April-03 Clerk Confirmed  
25 Mr. Jaskawal Singh TGT 01- April-18 No Probation  
26 Mrs. Sameera PRT 01- April-18 No Probation  
27 Mr. Aakash PGT 01- April-19 No Probation  
28 Mr. Jitender Kaushik PGT 01- April-18 No Probation  
29 Miss Manpreet Kaur Clerk 19 - August - 1994 01 - April- 2017 Clerk Probation  
30 Mr.Shiv Kumar Gardener 1-Jun-1973 1-Apr-03 IV Class Confirmed  
31 Mr. Deepak Sharma IV Class 4-Mar-1993 1-Apr-10 IV Class Confirmed  
32 Mrs. Annu Kanwar IV Class 4-July-1994 1-Aug-16 IV Class Probation  
33 Mr. Shokat Ali Driver 6-May-1968 1-Apr-15 Driver Confirmed