Holidays Homework

Class I

            1.	Read all the chapters done in the class (L-1 to 4)
            2.	Write and learn word meanings from all the chapters.
            3.	Learn and revise all the chapters.
            4.	Paste the pictures of helpers in the scrap book (for e.g. plumber, electrician, carpenter etc.)
            1.	Do one page of cursive writing daily.
            2.	Read good story books and write two new words daily in a separate notebook with their meaning.
            3.	Learn the syllabus covered in the class. Unit 1 to 3 (Marigold)
            4.	Revise L- 1 to 8 (English Grammar)
            5.	Learn Paragraphs: My Neighbourhood Park, Crocodiles.

            1.	ikB - 1 ls 3 rd ;kn djsa, vuqPNsn-eksj, foykse “kCn, i;kZ;okph “kCn vkSj i=A
            2.	chl i`’B fgUnh lqys[k ds djsa, dksbZ Hkh lqys[k dh fdrkc esaA
            3.	chl ifDr;ksa dh dksbZ Hkh ikaWap dfork,aWaa ;kn djsaA


            1.	Revise chapters 1 and 2.
            2.	Learn tables 2 to 16.